Title sequence of the James Bond (Maurice Binder)

“Opening Credits” or “Opening Sequence” is the others name of title sequence. They usually appear at the beginning of the show to let the viewers know what show they are watching. They don’t usually include any credits. However they always display the title of the program usually in the form of a series logo.(TV Tropes)

Maurice Binder is known for his unique title design of James Bond Dr. No(1962) Opening Title. He pitched the concept of using the white dots animated that would wind up starting every James Bond film. While the gunbarrel that frames Bond firing at the camera was a real gunbarrel. Binder photographed one using a pinhole camera and subsequently, used the technique in every Bond film. The reason for the swirling design is to spin the bullet which gives it a truer trajectory. (Jim B.)

Dr. No(1962)


Diamonds Are Forever(1971)

The Man with the Golden Gun(1974)

Licence to Kill(1989)

Binder shows an unique design while doing all the title sequence of James Bond movies. Silhouettes, dots and masking are often being discover in all the James Bond opening title. He shown lots of design technique that can be reference in the future.


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