Identify Your Target Audiences.

Specific advertisement only speaks to specific audiences. Many people assume that all the audience will watch or notice their advertisement but unfortunately, this is not how a advertisement communicates. Besides, an ads that is too general will be bored and easy get ignored by the audiences. According to Robert (2012:24-25), ‘advertising is always aimed at a particular group of people, it is much easier to create a campaign that effectively taps into those people’s hopes and dreams if you know everything you can about them before the avowedly ‘creative’ work begins.|| For instance, ads aimed at the youth –  or middle-youth – market will inevitably try to infiltrate the adolescent mind-set to help the campaign achieve a degree of playground ‘cool’ – always a slippery category.’

You must identify what sort of person is most likely to be a customer and aim your message at that particular subset of the population. Some factors to consider when determining a target audience include age, sex, income, gender, race, employment, and location.


Once you have established your audience, you must reach them. The best advertising is memorable and appeals to the emotions, striking a chord and resonating with the audience. By connecting with your audience on an emotional level, you establish yourself as a business that not only provides something they want, but understands their points of view, choices, lifestyles, and needs, and seeks to accommodate those.

However, emotional sway does not translate to sappiness or cliché. Loaded imagery or copy will not by default tug at the heartstrings of your audience. The inclusion of a playful puppy or fluffy seal cub frolicking among a backdrop of rainbows probably won’t reflect well on your business, unless you’re targeting small children or PETA members.

The effectiveness of an emotional appeal depends on how well you know your audience. An advertisement should highlight something pertinent and understandable about your business, product or service, which the intended viewers can easily relate to. Ideally, an advertisement should answer their questions before they ask them, and fully establish your company’s knowledge of its customers.


So how do you figure out your target audience and the best way to reach them on an emotional level? The key is research – studying your market, your customers, sales trends – and inviting an advertising professional to help you create the best message for your business. That’s what we do every day at Agama Advertising – helping our clients create effective, targeted advertising.

Robert, S. (2012) 10 Principles of Good Advertising, London: Vivays
Agama Advertising. (2013) Advertising to an Audience [Online], Available at [Accessed on 17 Octorber 2013]


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