Communicates Through Font Type

Picture do tells stories and they communicates so does words. But different fonts type can create different mood to the audience. Robert (2012) said that ‘Different fonts can project a wide range of moods, from sturdily old-fashioned to breezily or modishly contemporary to exuberantly uninhibited.’ If a bad font being chosen, meaning of that particular advertisement will be twisted. For example, a lung cancer campaign that wants to communicates to the audiences in a serious mood but instead a comic sans font and it totally destroy the advertisement.

Besides, consistently using the same type face in a company will also become part of the companies’s brand identities. Some advertisement are easy to recognize by their font using just before their logo appears.(Robert 2012: 75) For example, Coca-cola, Disney, Nike, Adidas, etc.


Robert also stated that ‘Adverts rarely contain many words, so it’s important to avoid repeating what’s already been said in the headline in the body copy.’ It is wise to reduce the word count or keep repeating what had already been mention earlier. Too many words that appears in an advertisement will not only feel bored but also time dragging in video. Try to make it simple and clear.


Robert argues that ‘If the imagery ‘shout’, it might be better if the setting of the text ‘whispers’. ‘ Don’t ever try to balance both element, there can only be one winner and the others have to be supportive.


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