Non-traditional Advertising

Non- traditional advertising or Guerrilla Advertising always catch the consumers off guard. It’s low-cost, unconventional, and localized. Think outside of the box (in this case, the TV) and get away from the printed page. Be different. Stand out. Be unexpected. Robert (2012) stated that ‘Surprise is one of the most important effects an advert can achieve – something the climate change poster here certainly manages. Visually this can be accomplished by showing an object or scene from an unusual angle, or using an unwonted crop or layout, as with this dynamic Selfridges poster, to make the familiar seem unfamiliar or showing it in an unfamiliar way.’ Advertising today don’s usually communicates in a traditional way or usual way and sometimes its not effective as they expected. People usually get bored or ignored them. Robert (2012) mention that ‘Forcing viewers to work the message out for themselves is a good way to capture their attention.’  A guerrilla advertising is the best way to do so. Having the consumer to involve in it will certainly grab their attention and memories last longer.

McDonald's Crosswalk

 Shopping Curitiba Crosswalk

Hard Rock Café advertising


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