Pictures Tell Us Everythings

People read but not all of them love to read. They just had a massive aversion  at reading long articles or documents, so they tend to find somethings that tell them messages. For examples, a pictures, graphics, videos. The New York Times(1921) once stated that ‘People want pictures. It helps them visualize the merchandise and gives them a better idea of what you have for sale than a mere description would.’

Gary(1999) argues that ‘People will generally stop to look at a picture far more readily than they will read a headline.’ It clearly shown that advertisement communicates message through visual first, only then by verbal.

Robert(2013) mentions that ‘As the twentieth century progressed, photography increasingly displaced hand-drawn imagery in print advertising, but a talented illustrator has always been able to bring a distinctive visual feel.’ It proved that either photography or hand-drawn imagery, both are important in advertising as it communicates messages.


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