The Power of Celebrity

There is another way that advertisement communicate message to the audiences. That is using the power of celebrity. Robert(2012) mention that ‘Sometimes the connection between famous face and product is self-evident.’ The reason behind this is because many consumers are interested in celebrity activities, their body shapes, beauty and some just interested in becoming them. When your products is in the life of the celebrity, they are more likely to notice it when a celebrity using it or like it.

Advertising that features a celebrity creates attention and generates awareness of the product. Your company can gain new customers from the celebrity’s fan base. For instance, a well-loved local guitarist could draw attention to your musical instruments shop. Fans who have faith in the personality are most likely to purchase your products or, at least, have a greater intention to buy. The advertising also gains the attention of consumers with a casual interest in the celebrity. A celebrity who appears sincere can lend credibility to a product. Consumers are more likely to believe the statements the personality makes in the ad and view the product and the brand positively. Conversely, regard for the brand becomes negative if it is obvious that the celebrity does not share the company’s values.

A celebrity endorsement can help build trust with current and potential customers, increase the chances of the brand being remembered, and attract a new type of audience. Endorsements also may increase the consumer’s desire for a product. This is often achieved by implying that the particular celebrity is successful, talented, or attractive at least partly because of the product. There are a huge number of products being marketed to consumers all the time, so it’s essential for a brand to find a way to stand out in the crowd and be remembered. If a customer sees an advertisement involving his or her favorite celebrity endorsing a particular product, then his or her chances of remembering that product are greatly increased.


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