My College Works & My Future.

“Severance” is the recent project for my final year project. It is an animation with a silhouette style and animated puppet. It tells a story about a boy in love with a girl that is being transform form a butterfly. This story uses a representative method to replace the boy as a playboy while the butterfly as his true love in his life. Forcing the other half to change to what he or she wanted will only hurt both of them. Why don’t just accept their own personality and look as that is what true loves mean. The inspiration of this story came from Paperman from Disney and Invention of Love from Andrey Shushkov.

As for the style for the animation I refer to some others animation and games. For examples, Invention of Love, Limbo and Deadlight as they all use silhouette style. I study every detail of the animation, environment and also their graphic style in order to improve the overall output of the animation.

During the year 2011, I had a subject call Motion Graphic and one of the assignment is producing VFX video which is one of my favorite subject and interest. I get the inspiration from Portal 1 and 2 from Valve and also a video, Graphic Violence from Corridor Digital to make this video, The Portal + Ink Splatter. It is the 1st time I ever done it with green screen and it really took me lot of times in keying out the background. As a result I was quite satisfy with the 1st time result but still lot of space to improve. In order to complete this effect, I google search the entire website, youtube to find any relevant effect and also tutorial. In this case, Video Copilot teaches this effect. The Portal. While for the ink splatter effect, I can’t find a better tutorial instead I refer to the behind the scene of the Graphic Violence.

In the next 2 years, I was hoping to enter a small production house that does not have to be professional or big. I want to fit with the industry little by little and learn all the basic stuff, editing, post production . After one years or more, I will consider to find a larger company and learn more from them. Learn how to produce a high quality TVC, how to do an advance effect and more. In order to catch up with them, I will also watch and learn some online tutorial when I was free. Not only enjoy the movie or short film but learn and think why and how they wanted to do it in that way. Observe how they do the effect, compositing and lighting.