Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic or Motion Design are, well, any kind of graphics that move–which means that the prehistory of the art form goes all the back to that of cinema itself. From John Palvus at The History of Motion Graphics Is Longer Than You Think[Video]. Motion Plus Design has also done a video that tell us What is Motion Design.

Graphic design is a plane graphic while with motion adding in, simple graphic forms can be animated and even help a plane photography to tell the story itself. Using illustrations, video or even 3D graphic make the video much more interesting.  Motion graphic can also been use to educate audience in an interesting way by animating the information, graph, statistic, etc. This method is known as infographic. Here is some example of infographic by E-business Media TV call The Important of Online Video.

This designer, Dan Stevers (his youtube channel) has done lot of motion graphic videos. His works really impress me every time. His videos are more to personal, message telling, religion type. It uses graphic and words that being animated to tell a story along with suitable background music that helps to enhance the overall mood of that particular video.

Without the early pioneers of motion graphics such as Saul Bass, Naurice Binder, Pablo Ferro and others, we could possibility still be using a difficult way to have our graphic moving around or even worst. Motion graphic now involve in many ways in the industry such as title sequence, film credit, websites, logo, advertisements, public social announcement, personal stuff and others.

Example of Motion Graphic Design Video:
Nintendo History


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